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We produce and supply Miscanthus x giganteus high-quality planting material and offer turnkey solutions for biomass utilization projects, from establishing sustainable biomass plantations and local on-farm propagation nurseries to vertically integrated feedstock supply chain development.

We create, develop and optimize the biomass feedstock chains based on the Miscanthus giganteus crop to reduce agricultural inputs, contribute to food security, increase the environmental sustainability of Agribusiness and mitigate climate change.

What we do:
  • 2500000

    Top-Notch quality ExVitro Plants
  • 100

    Hectares of Miscanthus x Giganteus mother-crop plantations
  • 200000000

    High-end Quality Rhizomes for sale

Our Products

High-End Quality F1/F2 Rhizomes
Discover the unparalleled potential of Miscanthus x giganteus, the king of perennial grasses, with our premium-quality rhizomes with proven genetic origination and a high germination rate.

Our rhizomes are lifted on demand for spring 2024 shipment. The order/contract signing deadline is the 1st of November, 2023.
Miscanthus x giganteus Bedding - Comfort and Sustainability Combined
Experience the perfect harmony of comfort and sustainability with our premium bedding made from Miscanthus x giganteus.
Biomass Pellets of Miscanthus x giganteus
Unlock the power of renewable energy and sustainable living with our biomass pellets made from Miscanthus x giganteus.

Our Services

We aim to be your agricultural partner to deliver the feedstock component, and we work with our customers during the development of the end-use conversion facility. Our service covers everything from initial feedstock yield prediction to establishing supply contracts and logistics.
Our company takes pride in producing top-notch planting material, creating customized implementation plans, and offering sustainable solutions for biomass utilization projects. Our expertise can help you achieve your goals and make your project a success.
Feasibility Study
& Business Plan
Our professional team will be pleased to input our knowledge to develop a business model & business plan for your biomass supply chain establishment, we provide a consulting service from project conception to implementation.
We will be pleased to provide complete supervision services of pre-, planting, and post-planting agricultural works needed for successful plantation establishment. From soil quality improvement and site preparation to post-planting weeds control.
Plantations Establishment
Turn Key Solution
We implement turn-key solutions for establishing Miscanthus plantations and consult development of Miscanthus feedstock supply chains in any European country where an industrial off-taking facility would be located, and the required acreage of land would be available.
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Miscanthus x Giganteus is a fast-growing, C4 photosynthesis perennial grass known for its impressive height and exceptional biomass production. It is widely used for bioenergy and various turn-key biomass utilization solutions due to its sustainable and eco-friendly attributes.
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