Miscanthus Giganteus rhizomes

Miscanthus x Giganteus clon Illinois
Derived from the superior Ex-Vitro plants, our Miscanthus Giganteus planting material is a benchmark in sustainable agriculture. Our specific clone boasts exceptional biomass yield (up to 36,4 tonn \ ha), making it a preferred choice for those seeking both environmental and economic benefits.

- Exceptional Biomass Yield:
Scientific studies highlight the remarkable biomass yield of Miscanthus Giganteus Clon Illinois, surpassing traditional crops.
Ideal for bulk planting, this clone offers a sustainable source of biomass for various applications.
- Quality Assurance from Miscanthus d.o.o:
Our certified and non-invasive planting material is a testament to quality, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
- Versatile Applications:
Miscanthus is a versatile crop with applications ranging from bioenergy production to agricultural uses.
Widely used as livestock bedding and poultry litter, Miscanthus offers an eco-friendly alternative with its natural absorbency.

Why Plant Miscanthus Giganteus Clon Illinois:

- Sustainable Bioenergy: Cultivate a crop that contributes to sustainable bioenergy production, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
- High Yield: Benefit from the exceptional biomass yield, providing a substantial volume of raw material for various industrial and agricultural applications.
- Environmental Benefits: Miscanthus is known for its positive impact on carbon sequestration, soil health, and reduced environmental footprint.
- Versatility in Applications: Beyond bioenergy, Miscanthus can be used in livestock bedding, poultry litter, and other agricultural practices

How much you can earn:
Miscanthus d.o.o. is pleased to offer the opportunity for buyback contracts on biomass produced from plantations planted from our premium Miscanthus Giganteus planting material. As a commitment to fostering long-term partnerships with our customers, we provide a transparent and mutually beneficial arrangement. Offering competitive rates, with prices ranging from 90 to 100 euros per tonne, providing a fair and lucrative return on your Miscanthus biomass.

Country of Origin: Croatia

Species: Miscanthus x Giganteus

Variety Name: Clone Illinois

Plant Type: Hardy perennial, C4 grass type

Invasiveness: Noninvasive, sterile hybrid

Life Cycle: 20+ year

Yields: Up to 35.4 t/ha (latitude 42° N)

Nutrition requirement: No fertiliser needed (from 2nd year)

Herbicides: Crop establishment, first year only